Are You a Part of Generation G?

sharing According to’s February trend briefing, we’re heading toward Generation G. That’s G for generosity… not for greed.

According to the report, here are some of the trends pointing us in the direction of Generation G:

  1. Consumers are fed up with overspending, and are disgusted with big business.
  2. They’re looking for businesses and institutions that care about their customers.
  3. Sharing is the new giving. More people than ever are sharing their photos, videos, thoughts, etc. via Youtube, Flickr, Wikipedia, millions of blogs, Twitter and of course Squidoo.

So what is Generation G? According to Trendwatching, Generation G is about:

passionate, empowered individuals (if not entire generations) being more willing and able to give, to share, to collaborate; to be more ‘generous’ in many ways.”

I agree with the article, I think we’re going to see a big change in the way big business conducts itself in the upcoming years.

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