Summer Lens and Blog Post Ideas

Are you hard at work on those summer lenses and blog posts yet? If not you should be, or even getting a head start on those fall ideas.IMG_6411

If you’re stumped for ideas here are 20 lens ideas to get you started. You could write about…

  1. 4th of July games and activities
  2. Your favorite pool games and activities
  3. Your favorite local amusement park
  4. Your local county fair (fair food yum!)
  5. Summer shoe styles
  6. Summer swimwear for toddlers
  7. The best summer vacation spot
  8. Your favorite childhood summer memory
  9. Your favorite summer foods
  10. Strawberry recipes
  11. Your favorite watermelon recipes
  12. What’s growing in your garden?
  13. The best places in your neighborhood to visit during summer break.
  14. Outdoor summer activity ideas for children
  15. Anything baseball
  16. Your favorite summer blockbuster movie
  17. Your favorite herbs to grow
  18. How to stay cool when it’s hot outside
  19. Your favorite flower
  20. Your turn… you tell me what number 20 should be.