Let’s Hear Your Blog’s Elevator Pitch

I’m working through Darren Rowse’s book, 31 Days to a Better Blog. I’ve gone through the book before, and it’s an excellent resource and reference for starting, or building a blog. You can find more information about the book here: 31 Day’s To A Better Blog

I’m going to be posting what I’m doing for each day here, to keep me accountable and to share a little about what I’ve learned. Plus it gives me something to post here for the next few weeks, and helps me get back into the habit of posting regularly here at Lens Author. I’ve learned a ton of great information through the years, and I can’t wait to share!

On Day one of 31 Days to a Better Blog, Darren challenges you to work on your about page, and to come up with an elevator pitch for your blog. Do you have an elevator pitch to describe your blog or small business? First, what is an elevator pitch or speech? An elevator pitch is a quick (usually under 2 minutes) in a nutshell description of what your blog or business does. You want it to grab the attention of complete strangers, and at the same time tell them about your business.


The idea of an elevator pitch is to have something already worked out to tell someone about your what you do, or what your blog or business is about. So when someone asks you can rattle off your pre-made speech instead of stuttering around and blowing the moment. You usually don’t have long to catch someone’s attention, only a minute or two, and they’re on to something else.

You can use your speech anytime someone asks you what you do, or asks you about your business. You never know who will end up being your next reader, follower or fan. If they’re not interested themselves, if they’re intrigued enough maybe they’ll mention your blog to a friend, or relative.

Make sure your pitch is sounds natural, and interesting to the people you meet. If you have a prepared speech you can practice ahead of time. Then you’ll know what to say the next time someone asks you out of the blue, what you do, or what your business does.

My elevator pitch for Lens Author is: At Lens Author I share blogging, social media, and photography tips to help others build a business online.

You can check out my updated About page here: About

Both are a work in process, and I plan to tweak them over the next few weeks. What do you think? I’d love to hear input from others!

Do you have an elevator pitch for your blog or small business?

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Summer Lens and Blog Post Ideas

Are you hard at work on those summer lenses and blog posts yet? If not you should be, or even getting a head start on those fall ideas.IMG_6411

If you’re stumped for ideas here are 20 lens ideas to get you started. You could write about…

  1. 4th of July games and activities
  2. Your favorite pool games and activities
  3. Your favorite local amusement park
  4. Your local county fair (fair food yum!)
  5. Summer shoe styles
  6. Summer swimwear for toddlers
  7. The best summer vacation spot
  8. Your favorite childhood summer memory
  9. Your favorite summer foods
  10. Strawberry recipes
  11. Your favorite watermelon recipes
  12. What’s growing in your garden?
  13. The best places in your neighborhood to visit during summer break.
  14. Outdoor summer activity ideas for children
  15. Anything baseball
  16. Your favorite summer blockbuster movie
  17. Your favorite herbs to grow
  18. How to stay cool when it’s hot outside
  19. Your favorite flower
  20. Your turn… you tell me what number 20 should be.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope all you Squidoo Mothers have a wonderful day! Dads too!

Here’s some flowers for you, enjoy!

lilac blooms

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Where Can You Get Photos For Your Lenses?

Stock image butterfly (c) Linette Gerlach If content is queen, then photos are queen. I’m sure you’ve heard a picture is worth a thousand words. I think images can make or break a lens. I have some lenses that get more hits from their images (from Google or Yahoo! images) than they do for key words or content.

My Easter Bunny lens received over 2000 hits the week before Easter and over 90% of the traffic was from Google images. I created this lens for fun, so it doesn’t have much content. I wanted to create something for kids to check out and have fun with.

Give your photos meaningful names, use keyword descriptions and names for your photos. If you insert the photo into the lens yourself with html code, don’t forget to add alternate text. Use the alternate text to describe your photo for the search engines. It’s one more place to add keywords relevant to your lens topic.

I love to take my own photos whenever possible. Since one of my favorite topics is gardening, and I have a huge garden, it’s not difficult.

There are many times when I just don’t have the image I’m looking for to add to my Squidoo lenses or blogs. Here are some of my favorite image resources.

We’ll start with a few of my favorite free image sites. Check each site’s terms and conditions. Some require a mention, others require a link back, others don’t require anything.


Free Range


Wikimedia Commons

Picture Sandbox

Free Foto

Every Stock Photo

Open Photo

PD Photo

Image After

Share a Pic

Tiny Pic

Flickr (Do an advanced search and look for Creative Commons photos only)

Public Domain Pictures

Sometimes you’re looking for just the right image, and you don’t mind paying a little to get just what you want. Here are my favorite low cost royalty free image sites. Again, take a look at the terms and conditions before you post any photos.




What are your favorite places to find stock photos for your lenses?