Let’s Hear Your Blog’s Elevator Pitch

I’m working through Darren Rowse’s book, 31 Days to a Better Blog. I’ve gone through the book before, and it’s an excellent resource and reference for starting, or building a blog. You can find more information about the book here: 31 Day’s To A Better Blog

I’m going to be posting what I’m doing for each day here, to keep me accountable and to share a little about what I’ve learned. Plus it gives me something to post here for the next few weeks, and helps me get back into the habit of posting regularly here at Lens Author. I’ve learned a ton of great information through the years, and I can’t wait to share!

On Day one of 31 Days to a Better Blog, Darren challenges you to work on your about page, and to come up with an elevator pitch for your blog. Do you have an elevator pitch to describe your blog or small business? First, what is an elevator pitch or speech? An elevator pitch is a quick (usually under 2 minutes) in a nutshell description of what your blog or business does. You want it to grab the attention of complete strangers, and at the same time tell them about your business.


The idea of an elevator pitch is to have something already worked out to tell someone about your what you do, or what your blog or business is about. So when someone asks you can rattle off your pre-made speech instead of stuttering around and blowing the moment. You usually don’t have long to catch someone’s attention, only a minute or two, and they’re on to something else.

You can use your speech anytime someone asks you what you do, or asks you about your business. You never know who will end up being your next reader, follower or fan. If they’re not interested themselves, if they’re intrigued enough maybe they’ll mention your blog to a friend, or relative.

Make sure your pitch is sounds natural, and interesting to the people you meet. If you have a prepared speech you can practice ahead of time. Then you’ll know what to say the next time someone asks you out of the blue, what you do, or what your business does.

My elevator pitch for Lens Author is: At Lens Author I share blogging, social media, and photography tips to help others build a business online.

You can check out my updated About page here: About

Both are a work in process, and I plan to tweak them over the next few weeks. What do you think? I’d love to hear input from others!

Do you have an elevator pitch for your blog or small business?

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