Do You Work Regular Hours On Your Small Business?

I work full time from home, some of the work I do is on my own blogs and websites, but I also have several clients to juggle into the mix. My work for clients usually has deadlines, but no one’s looking over my shoulder to make sure I get my work done.

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Sometimes it can be easy to say I’ll do it later, and do something else instead. My motivation is, I LOVE doing what I do. I love working from home, and I love writing and creating. I don’t want to do anything else, period!

So yes, I keep regular business hours, and I treat everything just like a business. I make a daily schedule and I try to stick with it. If I didn’t I’d be out of a job and back to work someplace with someone watching over my shoulder.

Do you keep regular business hours for your small business? There are many reasons why you should keep regular business hours, even when your small business is just starting out.

  • If you set up regular business hours you will be more motivated to sit down and work. If you sit down and get sidetracked make a schedule and set a timer. Then you’ll know it’s work time and time to get focused, that you shouldn’t be folding laundry, or mowing the lawn. You should be working on something to move your business forward.
  • Your customers and other contacts will know when to contact you. Whether your contacts are hundreds of miles away, or right down the street, it’s good for them to know when your business hours are so they know when they can do business with you. I do regular phone interviews, and I usually schedule them for about the same time of the day, it helps to build a routine in my day.
  • Set rules with your family for your work hours. If you have older children you will be able to let them know when it’s OK to interrupt your work time, and when they need to be able to take car of themselves for short bursts of time. For younger children you’ll need to decide if someone else will need to care for them during your work time, or if you can pull double duty. It’s tough to balance work and children. Even if you schedule your work for short bursts with plenty of family time in between make sure you schedule that work time.
  • You’re better able to schedule your work day. If you have set work hours for your small business you’ll be able to make a list of what you need to get done, then set up a schedule during your business hours to get the tasks on your business to do list accomplished.

Even if your business hours can only be a few hours per week, it’s still a good thing to set aside that time to work on your business. The more time you can devote, the more you’ll have a chance to grow your business.

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