We’re Getting A New Squidoo Dashboard

I got a sneak peek at the new Squidoo dashboard today, and it rocks. I had the opportunity to play around with my lenses in there (all 207 of them).

You will be able to add labels to your lenses, and group them according to the labels. That’s the part I’m most excited about. I have about 5 or 6 different labels that will divide my lenses nicely. No more scanning down a list of over 200 lenses to find the one I’m looking for, only to miss it somehow.

I’m also excited about being able to see which lenses need my attention. Right now I tend to pay attention to the lenses at the top of the lens rank pile, because they are the most visible when I open my dashboard. Now I’ll be able to see which lenses need an update.

To see what others have to say about the new Squidoo dashboard, check out the Lensmaster Dashboard lens.

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