I Bought A Squidoo Lens

Lensmaster Loyalis has a Squidooish site where you can buy or sell Squidoo lenses, called Sell My Lens. I subscribe to the sites feed, since I wouldn’t want to miss anything remotely related to Squidoo.

The other night a Hey Monkeybrain lens came up for sale called WordPress vs Blogger. Since the lens was dirt cheap, and the subject intrigued me I decided to purchase it. Oh yeah, I really liked the URL too.

So I bought it, gave it an overhaul, and I’d love to have your feedback. I was trying to think of all the pros and cons of using WordPress, and Blogger. If anyone can think of any I missed let me know.

Would I buy another lens? I don’t know, I usually like to create them myself. This lens got caught in my brain.  I laid in bed the night I saw it thinking of the possibilities that particular lens had. I didn’t buy it until two days later. I decided if it was still on my mind I should either create my own on the subject, or just break down and buy it.

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