There’s A New Blog In Town

Or at least new to  the Sqidoo community. One of my favorite lensmasters, BDKZ has started a new blog to help mentor those of you who would like to become Giant Squids.

So You Want To Be A Giant Squid? will help new,  or newer lensmasters learn what it takes to achieve Giant Squid status at Squidoo. The questions will be answered by seasoned lensmasters who have been through the Giant Squid process themselves.

The blog will feature stories, news, interviews, FAQs, and question and answer sessions. The latest post is an interview with lensmaster Susan52, who is a wealth of Squidilicious information. It’s like picking the brain of a great Squid master.

If you’re new to Squidoo hop over and check things out. If you have questions related to Squidoo, or becoming a Giant Squid it’s a great place to ask.


  1. Thanks for featuring my blog!

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