A Squidoo Book Worth Buying

I just finished reading Margaret Schaut’s ebook ‘Masterpiece Lenscrafting on Squidoo.’ It was like being able to pick the brain of one of my favorite lensmasters. 

Margaret takes a sincere look at how to create a quality lens at Squidoo. You can see the love and thought she puts into crating a great Squidoo lens.

I’ve read one or two other books written by so called "gurus" and they have told me nothing more than the basics of creating lenses. A skill which you can figure out on your own in the Squidoo dashboard, or SquidU.

‘Masterpiece Lenscrafting’ went way beyond the basics. Margaret teaches you the thought process behind creating a great content lens. A lens that will stand at the top of the Squidoo pile over time.

Margaret should know her lens "David" has been at or near the number one spot on Squidoo, almost since it was created.

I think the book was definitely worth the $10 price tag. It’s a much better investment for your money than the automatic Lens creator stuff that’s going around right now. So if you want to spend your money wisely, invest in quality.

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