Build a Squidoo Lens For Charity

Working together for charity Squidoo lensmaster Bdkz has a new project, The Squidoo Charity Challenge. She’s challenging everyone to build (or convert) at least one lens a month for the charity of your choice. Check out some of the great lenses by even greater lensmasters donating their lens proceeds to charity.

Check out all the Q and A here.   You can also find out all the April details on Bdkz’s  Squidoo Charity Challenge for April 2008. This month’s charity is the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. 

So make a lens, or convert a lens for charity this month. I’m working on a brand new lens that I hope to have published by early next week.

If you make a lens for April make sure you share it here in the comment section.

Image: stock.xchng 


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