Why A Blog About Squidoo?

bad-hair-day-web.jpgHello, I’m Linette (Barkely at Squidoo). Two of my favorite things are blogging and creating Squidoo lenses. This blog combines the best of both worlds. I started a little Squidoo blog in blogger last summer while I was interning for Squidoo, but got busy with my other blogs this fall and stopped posting there. Here’s a photo on a bad hair day.

The problem? I see all this great Squidoo talk going on and I want to be a part of it! I want to get in on the action. I’ve had a great time commenting on other Squidooer’s blogs, but it’s just not the same. So this blog is like an extension of the blog I started last summer.. only bigger and better.

I hope to cover some of my favorite blogging, and lensmaking subjects. I’m serving as a Squid Angel right now so I hope to bring you some of the great lenses I stumble across. I’d also like to share some of my lensmastering tips, and let you know what other bloggers are saying about Squidoo.

Above all I just want to have fun, and interact with other Squidoo members.

I love to blog and I love to write. You can also visit me at:

My Squidoo Lensmaster Page

The Kid’s Birthday Fun Review

Mother Earth’s Garden (at b5media)

The Home and Garden Cafe

Kid’s Movie News

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  1. I wanna play, too! I agree, between Squidoo and blogs, definitely the best of both worlds. Visit my Squidoo blog anytime!

  2. lensauthor says:

    Yay Susan52! I added you to my blog roll, and my reader.

  3. Awesome blog Linette. I added you to My Favorites on my blog Queen of the Girl Geeks!

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